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vaiodyssey Level 1 Level 1
Just changed my laptop from XP to Vista
I installed the iTunes, but No matter how I import songs or list, the library and the list keeps losing when I restart the iTunes. Believe me I have reinstalled the itunes and everythng.
I didnt just import the list from my old computer but I did drag and drop and make lists again manually!
Anyone knows how I can fix this?
Thanks in advance.

PC, Windows Vista
  • Buegie Level 6 Level 6
    Double check to see that the ‘iTunes Library.itl’ file or the folder it resides in (the ‘iTunes’ folder) is not read-only.

    First, see this Article for some background information: What are the iTunes Library files?

    Using Windows Explorer, right-click on the file (or folder) name, go to Properties.

    If it is, then close iTunes, change it, and reopen iTunes.

    Best of Luck Buegie
  • vaiodyssey Level 1 Level 1
    Yes I just did this, and when I reopened it, it still did not show up the library I made b4...
    maybe should I import the library again?
  • Buegie Level 6 Level 6
    Not sure from your post, but if the file or folder was read-only, then you need to change this attribute FIRST.

    Once corrected, any future changes you make within iTunes should be kept and reflected the next time you open iTunes.

    iTunes needs to write the Library files to your PC when iTunes closes, so it can read them the next time you open iTunes.

    Test this by making some changes to your Library (i.e. - re-import it). Make one simple playlist. Close iTunes. Then re-open iTunes. If your Library reflects the changes you just made, you may have solved your issue.

    Best of Luck Buegie
  • vaiodyssey Level 1 Level 1
    ok, i noticed the "iTunes Library.itl" file is read-only but its only 56k or so, as it is not the library i had before (the one with all my files and diretories are 2.4Mb), so I go to the username/music/iTunes folder (it used to be mydocument/my music/iTunes in XP) replaced this one with the old one I had in my old computer. And the problems was kinda fixed at the moment, all the files looks fine in the computer.
    But the thing is, when I restart or logoff the computer, the library goes back to blank and turns out the bigger "iTunes Library.itl" file I dragged from my old computer disappeared. The "iTunes Library.itl" I have in the username/music/iTunes folder goes back to 56k again, and all the files are lost when I restart the iTunes...
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    Do you have a SOny Vaio? Just a guess from your username.

    If so, this there is a problem with incompatible software, see this trhead:
  • vaiodyssey Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you! Actually I sort of figured out myself by changing the directory of the library and so far everything looks fine. But the thread seems quite helpful. Thanks again.