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Hi fellows,
I have 2 completely different servers running on completely different locations, but with very similar issues.

Location A: Mac OS X Server 10.4.11, completely up to date, running flawlessly for about of couple of years. A few days ago, I happened a hard drive failure and I need to restore all data from a Retrospect backup to a brand new drive. I reconfigured all the share points and ACLs just like was before the crash, but several permission problems started to happen. The POSIX permissions are taking precedence over ACL!

For example: An user has full control (ACL) over a file (any kind of file), but if that user isn’t the owner (POSIX) and the staff group or everyone has ready only permission, that user couldn’t write/modify/delete that same file. The server is completely ignoring the ACL inherited from upper folders.

* When I reconfigured the share points and permissions, I used 10.5.5 Server Admin running on my Mac.

Location B: A brand new Mac OS X Server 10.5.6, completely up to date. Since day one we have several issues also regarding to permissions. Like location A above, the POSIX are taking precedence over ACL, BUT, the problem only appears to affect PowerPoint Files. Accessing via SMB, PowerPoint 2007 couldn’t even open the file on read only mode! Open via AFP on PowerPoint 2008 or via SMB on PowerPoint 2007, the file could be opened in read only mode.

If the user is the owner or became the owner, the problem doesn’t happen at all.

Running ls –le on Terminal, all the ACEs and POSIX are listed properly, using Effective Permissions Inspector all permissions appears to be ok, the user have full control over the file/folder.

Does anyone have any clue?

Thank you!

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