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I have 115 .mp4 files stored in my Movies folder, and for some reason when I try to import them (8.02.20, Leopard) iTunes crashes. There are no errors; iTunes just closes and asks me to Relaunch.

I was able to import all before, and I think it may have been after upgrading iLife 08 to 09 that I lost the ability to import.

I used AppZapper to remove both QuickTime and iTunes, then re-downloaded and re-installed both. No help.

Here's the thing: using Vista through Parallels I'm able to import all 115 files into iTunes 8.02.20 without it crashing.

I import these files by choosing File > Add To Library, then choosing the Movies folder. iTunes crashes when I try to add individual files as well.

I converted the files using Videora when I was on a Vista machine (before I switched to Mac).

I just converted a .avi using Handbrake, and it imported no problem. Nice.

13-inch MacBook (Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    I have this same issue.
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    Same crash issue with iTunes 8.02.20 (but on Win XP Pro) on import of MP4 files.
    Was a first time install of iTunes, on a brand new -fresh XP Pro image- machine.

    Think it is a version related issue, because after using an older iTunes/QT installer (iTunes I could import MP4 files without any crashes.

    (nb: Clearly is a suboptimal solution. When applying a similar solution QT 7.3 must be updated. Current QT version is 7.6 and had vulnerabilities fixed. Also do not have an iPhone or iTouch, which will require latest version of iTunes).
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    Been about a month - anyone else experiencing this same problem?
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    New symptom - some .mp4's crash Finder and QuickTime

    I noticed that when I show my movies in a List in Finder some have a small preview of the movie as a icon, and some have the default QuickTime icon.

    The ones that are the default QuickTime icon crash iTunes, QuickTime, and Finder (Get Info > Preview). The ones that have a small preview of the movie import no problem, show in QuickTime, and can be watched using preview.

    Little info: all of these mp4's were created using the same software, from the same DVD's (with the exception of the newer Family Guys). It seems to be a mix of files from each season that work and that don't work.

    I'm not sure what to do to fix this. These files worked great on my PC iTunes, and before I installed iLife 09 they imported without a problem.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? Or software I can use to convert the 'bad' .mp4's to 'good' mp4's?

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    I don't have the fix yet , but I know it is in the Hosts file in Windows System32 file under Drivers, then (ect) Maybe someone can think of what I'm not ... Good Luck !