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I have a macbook pro and I'm trying to connect it a Sony Bravia LCD Color Television. The macbook detects the sony tv and brings up a dialogue box about it. However, on the tv it says no signal. Anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening?

Mac Book Pro 17 inch, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
  • BSteely Level 5 Level 5
    Through what interface are you connecting the two? If it's currently VGA, try DVI/HDMI.
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    Mac OS X
    My question may be obvious but have you switched the TV input to the same input you connected the Mac? This is easy to miss if your TV has multiple HDMI inputs as many TVs do these days; for instance you need to make sure that if you connected the cable to HDMI 3, you used the TV remote to get video from HDMI port number 3 specifically and not 1 or 2.
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    I also am trying to connect to a lcd Phillips tv via hdmi port. I do get my computer desktop image appears on the tv, but my icons on my desktop are not appearing on the tv. I have had no problems connecting my computer to the other tv we had prior to this lcd phillips. I do have the tv set to use the hdmi 4 and that's the one I am connecting to in the back of the tv. any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Seems to me you are seeing an "extended desktop". In order to see your desktop items, go to System Preferences>Diplays and switch on mirrored displays in the designated box. Mind you, swiching on mirroring will limit your 2nd monitor to the resolution of the smallest monitor in your system, do not be surprised. This is also the spot to fiddle with multiple monitors, so please experiment: menu bar, dock, windows, you name it can be dragged to the desired monitor. See the "arrangement " option. No need to restart.
    Happy fiddling!
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    I'm having the same problem as Avid Cut Pro. My input is correct as my MBP is connected to the PC input on the Sony.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?
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    No one seemed to answer your question, I tried the same thing with my PowerbookG4, got the same dialog box but the TV doesnt seem to recognize, I only have this type of cable available and would like to try and see how to connect it,
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    to Geraldo Palomo, scottieeh, Avid Cut Pro and everybody else interested in this very old thread: I've done my best to explain some possibilities in my entries. Please read them carefully.
    Also, let us know which interconnects you are using, because I suspect most of your problems are being caused by those. Have a good look at the connectors on both sides and describe them to us on this thread. Probably you are using some kind of DVI-I to HDMI adapter cable which isn't fully implemented. Try to document about this and the Sony Bravia HDMI input implementation/ pinout.
    Here is an interesting link about the DVI port on your Mac: http://www.siliconimage.com/docs/SiI-WP-007-A.pdf.
    Keep in touch.

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    I brought a Sony Bravia this weekend. It's a 40 inch KDL-40V4100. I connect to the TV with a mini DVI to VGA using the TV PC input. Initially I had the same problem with the computer recognizing the TV, but the TV not showing the PC as an input. I fixed this by going into the TV menu and changing the PC input to "Always available." This worked to get the computer screen on the TV, but the picture wasn't full-screen. To get the picture-fullscreen, I took the computer our of mirror mode and turned the TV Display setting to "Full 1." I have a black macbook rather than a Pro, but thought this might still help. Good luck.
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    Changing the PC input to "always" fixed it for me! Thanks.
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    I had the same problem with a 1080i Bravia Sony and a MacBook Pro connected with a DVI-HDMI lead - it turned out to be a very simple solution - you have to make sure you are looking at the right AV channel on the TV. The mapping of AV1-6 to the ports on the back is not obvious at all (in this case it was AV4 that was the correct AV port). The Bravia also has the option to skip AV channels if desired - so if in the preferences you have disabled ports then you need to make them available to skip through.

    The picture is very sharp indeed with a DVI-HDMI lead - far far superior to a vanilla SVGA cable. Sound is automatically selected from an analogue input (2xphono) on one of the HDMI ports so make sure you select the right one on the back.

    (p.s. just to emphasize - the DVI-HDMI does not map to the 'PC' port it is another AV channel)

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    Hi Josh,

    Help me out to pls....I am unable to connect my DVI-VGA to Sony Bravia 32" KLV32S400A . I am trying to hook to AV Port 2 using the VGA cable & Audio Inputs.

    Yellow wire goes into yellow of VGA inputs and Audio is working fine no display, what to do ! The PC input in TV has a RGB socket but no VGA input sockets..VGA only thru AV ports . . I am stuck what to do !!