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How do I create a dmg file from a duplicated template created on iWeb '09 and then zip it to send to someone? Which software(s) do I need to buy for this to work>

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Where did you get the template? If you created the page in iWeb as a site or page to a site you'll need to send the domain.sites2 file that contains the page. If you don't want to send the whole site and other pages if there are others, duplicate the domain file, open the duplicate in iWeb and delete all pages except the ones you want to keep. Then compress that file and send.

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    Sorry, what I meant was: I got the file Baby.webtheme, duplicated it and customized it. Now I want to send the new file "Baby2.webtheme" to my friend in a .dmg format so she can install it without having to go thru the process of opening Contents/Resources/Themes, etc.
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    Are you going to include an installer for that? Just adding the Baby2.webtheme into the iWeb application may not do the job. Did you modify and rename it and put it back in iWeb to use? Did it show up in the theme pane OK? I've not done it but understand that if you don't have an installer that adds the new theme to the various documents that iWeb reads, it won't work with just a simple placement. You could replace the existing Baby.webtheme with the modified version and that would work.

    To create a dmg file you use Disk Utility.
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    Oh, I see... My new theme did open just fine as I was following the instructions from 11Mystics.com. So I guess what I need is help on how to get an installer :>)
    Thanks a lot for your time!
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    The last answer did not solve my problem but I will mark it as answered anyway.