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My iPod Touch won't turn on correctly. I'm able to reset it, and then turn it back on. But when I turn it back on it says that it needs to be connected with iTunes. So when I plug in my iPod, it comes up on iTunes saying that my iPod could not be registered because it's locked. Now I've realized that it says it's "locked" because there's a password you have to type in before it goes to the main screen.
There's no way to type in the password, however. Which means that it won't connect to iTunes. Which, in turn, means that it's always stuck on the "Please Connect To iTunes" screen.

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    I had a similar issue after my kids played with some apps on my wifes touch.

    I plugged the Ipod into my laptop without opening Itunes. I pressed and held the Home button and the sleep button until the power off showed on the Ipod. Once that screen closed I let go of the Sleep button and held the home button until the computer recognized the Ipod. (The Yahoo article said it could take as long as 4 minutes). I opened my Itunes after this and it read the Ipod as an Ipod in recovery and restored the factory settings after they were downloaded. I resynced the Ipod and it works fine now.

    Hope fully this helps and I apologize if my writing is not up to forum standards. I very rarely post on any forms.