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I have a 15" late 2008 MBP and I had something weird happen with my screen's color earlier today. When I went to go do something on my MBP after taking it off of its screensaver, the color of the screen had a blue-ish tint to it. I waited a minute or two to see if it would correct itself, but to no avail. Then I decided to pull up the screensaver and touch the trackpad to take it off and, lo and behold, the color was back to normal again. I pulled up the screensaver back on and off a few times later, and the problem hasn't shown up again (yet, if I'm unfortunate enough). The strange thing is, this is the first and only time that I've had this happen to me in the 3 1/2 months that I've owned my MBP. Why did this happen and will it happen again?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Also note, that I'm not connected to any display, as I've read some people having this problem with said condition, and I'm running the 9600 graphics card (even though I hear that this problem persists with either the 9400 or 9600).
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    Hi, I also get this issue once in a while, but happens when I'm doing a dual display. (I usually have a non mirrored set up. And it only happens on the main laptop display, my external displays colors just fine. Idk what it could be. My colors usually go back after I do a wake or when the screen saver quits.
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    Well, it seems that this is indeed a more widespread problem than originally thought. As I searched the forums, the only somewhat-helpful thread that I found about this issue is this:


    The only two remedies that are suggested here are to pull up the display preferences in system preferences or to download free software that monitors your MBP's status on things like temperature, etc. and a program that controls your fans rpm, giving it a more consistent cooling effect. But besides this, I have yet to see a more permanent, closing solution to this problem and I hope that it's more of a software issue than a hardware issue (as I've had enough hardware issues with my other electronics these past 6 months).
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    Well, I suppose before letting this thread die, my research shows that this problem boils down to heat: if the MBP gets really warm, and you take the screen off of sleep or a screensaver, then you might just be able to replicate the blue-tinted screen effect. So, unless Apple can somehow fix this with an update if the problem is somehow driver related, then it's either hardware-related (in which case I might be getting use out of my Apple Care protection plan), or, in some way, this could just be a normal effect caused by the heat (which I don't think is likely). No matter what the case, I just hope that I don't see the blue-tinted screen again (which I haven't since that one and only time mentioned).
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    I'm going to reheat this particular thread, so to speak. I have the same problem. I am running the Apple Cinema Display (the new one with mini displayport) off of my 2 month old MBP. I went away from my computer for a bit, and I had the blue tinge to my MBP display, and what appears to be a warm tone to my cinema display, but that might be just comparing the two screens.

    Furthermore, the fans on my MBP are going really fast, going at 5100 RPM. Noisy too.

    Is my MBP ready to kick the bucket? I'm concerned here.
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    Before letting this thread "die", I will summarize a recent trip to the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store to let you know what conclusion was come to after expressing everything I told you guys:

    After going in and letting the tech support guy know what was wrong, he told me not to worry about it as he thought of it as a "quirk". After all, the weird blue tint only happened to me once in the 6 months that I've had my MBP, and since this is the case, he said that unless it happens again consistently, that I shouldn't fret over it. As a matter of fact, before reaching this conclusion, I showed him this thread and reiterated about the (seemingly) isolated incidents that are similar to mine. Again, after all of this, it's just a "quirk" and nothing that should be worried about. Additionally, I remember someone, whether it was this thread or another, suggesting that heat is the culprit and that I (or anyone with this problem) should install a 3rd party app that controls the internal fan's rpm to be at a constant rate. He totally disapproved of this and even pointed out that it could (and probably will) shorten the life of the fan (which is obviously bad). He even went as far as to suggest a widget called iStat to monitor my MBP's "vital signs" including the temperature. So I wouldn't recommend trying to get a third party app to control fan speeds as the MBP knows when the fan should kick up or down in speed.

    To conclude, it's basically a "quirk" and for those of you like me who only had this incident once or very seldomly, you shouldn't worry about it. But if you feel that it has happened way too many times in the past, you should do what I did and go see the Genius Bar (especially if you don't have an Apple Care plan anymore) and they can take it from there on what to do.
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    Used it earlier today with no problem. I started it up around midday and immediately noticed the first start up screen (with Apple logo) was not white, but a light blue. Everything now has a blue tint to it. I am not using an external monitor. I checked the display system pref and no change. I heard some people messed with that and it popped back. I am not using a screen saver. I am mentioning these things because people have mentioned these as triggers. I've run disk utilities. I have restarted the computer. no change. The computer was not hot as it had been off prior to use.

    The computer was purchased the week they came out (Oct?). So I've had them 6-7 months now. I have two of them and the other one is fine.

    Just read in one post that someone accessed display pref via the menu bar and that 'popped' it back. Worked for me. But still very unhappy about this.
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    Has it happened frequently, or very seldom? For me, luckily, it only happened once a few months ago, and the genius at the genius bar said that it was a "quirk", so I'm not too worried about it. I guess it could be a software issue (such as drivers) than a hardware issue (hopefully).
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    Just once. As another person has said in another thread on the same issue, 'enough with the work arounds, we want an answer from Apple as to why this is happening and a fix.'