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    I'm having the same problem. My iMac sits right next to my MacBookPro. The laptop is always reliably connected to the wireless modem, whereas the iMac has a fit every so often and drops the signal, or shows very little signal and is interminably slow. My office mate's PC also has a reliable wireless connection to the same modem. After reading this thread I realized the iMac airport goes wacky after an update.

    Sorry, but reinstalling the system and updating one at a time just doesn't fit my "gotta get work done NOW" life. I connected via Ethernet and it's working perfectly. But I wanted to add my frustration to this thread and keep track. Apple needs to fix this. Or do I just have a bad airport card?
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    I think Apple put out a batch of bad airport cards, or at least their software doesn't like them. I have this same issue. My airport is 10 feet away from my computer and I get three "bars" of signal on my iMac, but I can't even load a webpage. My PC notebook works fine, from downstairs, with walls inbetween the two. Hard-wired with an ethernet cable and the internet is great. What's the point of a wireless card if it doesn't work?
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    Hello all! Well, this is not meant to be a reply to the last person/topic, however, I'm new to this forum and don't know how to post a new topic. I am having a somewhat similar issue in the sense that I recently had to reinstall Mac OS-X, version 10.5.6, which came with my iMac due to the fact that the finder was not responding on my iMac, and after attempting several times to do a disk repair, rebooting in safe mode and some other things recommended by people in Apple Discussion forums, including by the experts in support, nothing worked, the finder continued not responding, even after programs were removed in safe mode boot, thus I was ultimately relegated to reinstalling Mac OSX, which took about two or three hours.

    Before I go into details about my Airport problems, here are the specs on my iMac: it is a 24" iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 2 GB of DDR2 SDRAM, with Mac OSX 10.5.6, the latest version of Leopard. I bought it August of 2008, so I still have some time left on my limited warranty for hardware issues, if this proves to be the case. I have never had problems with the Airport up until I reinstalled OSX. I know that it is not my network, I have a wireless N router with a hardwired cable modem, and great service from Charter Communications. My 13" relatively new MacBook (purchased in November of 2008) picks up the signal and connects perfectly to the internet. The signal strength readout of my iMac reads strong, with all 4 bars lit up. The problem is, the connectivity time is slow--I will open a browser page, and it will take forever to load a page, or the connection will just time out, although the signal strength continues to be strong with all 4 bars lit up. Thus, I can do one of two things, which over time becomes very annoying, frustrating and inconvenient for me, I can: 1) attempt to reload the page a few minutes later--sometimes it works and will finally connect to the internet, sometimes it won't; or 2) I can disconnect the Airport manually with my mouse, and then reconnect it, and again, sometimes my Airport will work (usually it will for the first minute or two), allowing me to connect to a webpage, but if I try to go to another webpage, whether I'm using the search engine, or html bar atop the webpage, it will lose connectivity again for some strange reason.

    I recently called Apple support in search for some help on this issue, but apparently my telephone support/warranty, whatever you call it, expired some time ago, so the Apple support person could not help me and recommended I post my issue on this forum. If anybody can assist me, please, reply to this message, or email me at: I really don't want to have to do anything drastic with my precious iMac, since it is a phenomenal computer. Note that all my other software programs function properly, it is just my Airport that is having problems with connectivity. Any information provided to assist me with this issue will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance,
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    Three replacement computers, four calls to Apple support, and one visit to a Mac Genius later, I now have the problem diagnosed and fixed. So apparently if you install several updates that require a restart (unknown which exact ones) simultaneously, the firmware for the AirPort card becomes corrupted. This can manifest itself by dropouts in signal, 100% signal but slow data, or even no signal at all. As was suggested on several other threads, if you reload OS X from the discs, then install each update, one at a time... no issue. I have reported this to Apple tech support in detail so they can work on a patch or at least let their tech support folks know.

    After four hours of reloading OS X, doing each update alone, and reconfiguring all my programs, I have had no issue after multiple restarts and hours of use. Sorry the solution isn't simpler, but until a patch comes, at least this will fix it. Good luck Mac peeps. Max
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    Lots of great info here all. I am having the same problem but it seems that it all started when I bought and installed my Time Capsule. Does Apple confirm that this is a problem that would affect Time Capsule as well as Airport? or is this exclusive to Airport Extreme only?

    I may have to go through this exercise myself, but want to make sure it will work before doing it.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Funnily enough - thats how the problems started for me, when i added a time capsule - the airport wifi link on my imac immediately started falling over. I only really noticed this as i kept getting back up error messages from Time Capsule advising that backup had failed.

    I thought it was a faulty time capsule so sent it back to them - however the problems persisted - which is when i went down the road of Archive Install.

    Just a note for the all the sceptics about this fix - 2 months on and I have permanent wifi connection 24/7 on my imac - and it hasn't failed once - so for what a couple of hours of just periodically keeping an eye on it, whilst it does its thing its got to be a reasonable solution until Apple pull their finger out and get this fixed.
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    Hi guys,

    I have now spent hours and hours trying to solve my problem. What seems to have worked for me is the fix I found on this page: ngth-w-10-4-a.html

    Since I did what he suggests (although I only had the first mentioned file and not the last) I have been connected flawlessly.

    Hope it works for you too - and that the problem really is fixed
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    Just wanted to add on to this - both my 20" iMac & MacBook are w/in 1 month new, using airport extreme N.

    My MacBook works great, but the problem is with the iMac... put right next to each other, they both have full bars on wifi, but the iMac transmit rate is in the single digits! (do option-click on wifi bar)...
    when i use, my MacBook is blazingly fast, while it can't even connect to the internet with the iMac!

    Anyway - if I do the archive-install, will that wipe out all my other documents (pictures, music, media)? the instructions say that it only archives user settings but nothing about the user content.

    I hope that re-install works, b/c this is extremely disappointing! i was SO looking forward to using a desktop after so many years on laptops! where's the fix, Apple?????
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    This problem is not just with iMacs. My MacBook Pro is having connection issues. 6 calls to Apple Support, two trips to Genius Bar, and literally countless hours over two weeks with the utility disks, Plist eliminations, etc. as well as wiping the hard drive (recommended by Apple Support, though called reinstalling OS X in "Mac Language) and reinstalling OS 10.5.6 and I'm still having connections issues. My MacBook Pro will stay connected when it's 2-3 feet from the AirPort Express or other routers. It looses connection when it's in another room after 15-30 mintues. Yes, closing the lid and putting the machine to sleep for a few minutes will give me another 10 minutes of connection. But still not like it was before April 8th update. So, since my G-4 was keeping the connection, I thought I'd install the OS 10.5.6 on it and use it, even if slow. Now it's having the same issues. Apple Support was much nicer and more helpful than Genius Bar which told me it was "interference" with my AirPort and MacBook Pro and there was nothing they could do after running hardware and software diagnosis at the Apple Store. That didn't make sense since all other machines, PC and Macs, were staying connected to the wireless network both on my network and on others, not to mention that suddenly after 3 years it decided to have interference. I even went so far as to take all the wireless phones and digital devices out of my house to check for interference. What a hassle. Does Apple read this????? I wonder if there will be a patch and if there is, if it will cause more problems with those of us who do the recommended fix here. How do we notify Apple about this?
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    Issues here as well on my brand new 24" 2.66ghz iMac. My problem is not exactly the same, but is still an issue with the wireless connection. After sleeping the iMac, the vast majority of the time it will not automatically connect to my wireless network when it wakes up. I have to manually select my network each time even though it is set to automatically connect to it. I have an old G4 eMac in the same room running the same version of OS X that connects immediately upon wake up without issue every time. This is very disappointing to have a brand new computer with a connection that is worse than my old eMac.

    I also have a computer running Windows Vista that has never had this type of issue. It seems to be much more reliable at connecting and staying connected. Microsoft has finally got Vista running rock solid without any messing around.

    I have always liked using Macs because they seemed to take less fiddling to get them to work as they should. Seems this may not be the case anymore - with a fix that takes reinstalling everything. *I really hope Apple chimes in here and provides some reassurance that these wireless issues will be addressed in a simple update soon.*
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh

    I foolishly made the mistake of assuming that the latest OSX 10.7 update would include the wireless fix.....WRONG! -

    I let the Mac update from 10.5.2 to 10.5.7 and immediately it had finished - the wifi droppped and has been on and off just as it was before. Wireless Streaming of iTunes is unusable....

    Back to Archive install again.

    Come on Apple - SORT THIS OUT NOW - ISSUE A PERMANANT FIX as this is starting to get silly.
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    Hi Archive install wont wipe your files / docs - it archives them and then reloads them once the OSX is back on. Be careful you click the correct options tho at the start of the process!
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    Brand new iMac will not connect at all to our wifi (Verizon FiOS router). Three other Macs in the same house (one in the same room) plus some guests' laptops -- even with WINDOWS! -- all no problems. What's up with this? (We previously used an Apple Airport, before having Fios installed about 2 weeks ago. I don't think that's relevant but thought I would throw it in.) Please help!
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    Fourth or fifth time was the key. Restart, restart, restart. Now works perfectly and has for a couple of days. No worries.
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    I had the wireless speed issue on my iMac and after I disable the IPV6 in Network Preferences / TCP/IP my speed got much better.