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Okay, so I have finally accepted that my hard drive is damaged in my 160 gig Classic. I did drop it once just before Christmas about 2 feet onto cement.

I have reset, restored it. I have run the chkdsk on it. When I try to sync it I can get about 400 songs on it. Then it stops, and itunes freezes. After searching the forums, and doing everything I could, I finally looked at the System Event Viewer in My Computer. When the ipod stops syncing I there is an error message "Hard Disk 1 has a bad block". This has happened over and over.

I have read many posts that suggest to reformat the drive and then I will be able to restore it. However, Windows XP will not support formating in FAT32 for volumes larger than 32 gb.

Is there anything I can do to save this ipod? Could I take it to someone with a MAC and format it? Is there any OS that will support formating FAT32 for a 160 GB hard drive?

Also, the ipod was a gift in August 2007 - it was right after the 160 came out, and there is no warranty on it.

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    No ideas? Anyone?

    I have heard there are FAT32 formaters available but I have no idea what to use or even if it will fix the problem.

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    I read somewhere that you can format larger drives in FAT32 from the command prompt. Click Start > Run. Type cmd and press Enter. At the command prompt, type the following: +format /fs:fat32 x:+ (replace X with your iPod's drive letter). Be VERY CAREFUL that you enter the correct drive letter - you do not want to format another drive accidentally.

    I have not tried this personally, so I do not know if this will overcome the 32GB limit or not.
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    Thanks for the information. Do you know if formatting it will fix any bad sectors?

    I have a replacement ipod now, so I can once again sync the entire library, but I would like to get this old one working also for others in the house.
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    I do not know if FAT32 formatting will fix bad sectors. First thing to try is running chkdsk on the iPod. This will find and either fix the bad sectors or mark them as bad so they are not written to again. If they are marked bad, the capacity of the iPod will decrease; assuming there are not too many bad sectors, the reduction will be negligible. There are two ways to run this utility - from the command line, type this command:

    *+chkdsk x: /F*+ (replace x: with the letter of your iPod).

    Using the Windows interface, open My Computer, right-click the iPod, and select Properties. On the Tools tab click the "Check Now" button under "Error Checking" and place checks in both boxes.

    Once the disk check is complete, you can try restoring the iPod using iTunes. If that does not work, then reformatting is your only other option. If the command line does not work, then you are stuck with one of the formatting utilities - I'm sorry that I cannot recommend one.

    Good luck.
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    I will try the chkdsk again before doing anything else. I have done the error checking and it has either come up with no errors, or it freezes. I think it freezes when it gets to the bad sectors.

    Thanks for the advice.
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    If chkdsk freezes, then it is likely a reformat will as well. There may be physical damage to the disk, or to the read/write mechanism.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for your assistance. I purchased a new classic. I have not yet tried to format the old one, too scared it will totally destroy it. I'll continue to use it with the 500 or so songs I can get on it.