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I didn't have my apps backed up, thinking "I know which apps I have." I bricked my iPhone 3G upgrading the FW, and restored it to get it working again quickly.

There's one app that is available from the app store in 2 different versions. I'm not sure which one I've purchased, because it was free when I bought it, but now both versions cost money, and I can't tell from the page which one I'm entitled to at no cost. I've recently restored my system, and the iTunes app installed in a Windows XP SP3 VM is a new install. When I connect my iPhone while running iTunes, I don't see any apps listed. I checked to make sure that iTunes is authorized for the correct account, and logged in.

How do I determine which apps I've installed if they don't show up in iTunes application?

ThinkPad T61 running Red Hat, Other OS, VMware Workstation 6.5 w/XP VM