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Does anyone know what a KGCore Plug-in might be? Final Cut has quit a half dozen times on me tonight and every time it says, "The problem may have been caused by the KGCore Plug-in." It crashes on renders, saves, scrubbing, just about anything I do!
I'm totally up to date on all my system, Quicktime and Final Cut software running on a 2 x 2.8 MacPro Quad Core Xenon w/ 4G RAM.

MacPro Quad Core, Two G5's, two G4's, 17" Mac Book, 12", 17" Powerbook and now an Air!, Mac OS X (10.5.6), All told, 17 TB of mismanaged storage
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    KG is the signature notation for "Key Grip" which was the original working title for Final Cut Pro back when it was originally developed by Macromedia (ie before it was bought, finished and brought to market by Apple).

    I'm sure you can google as well as anyone so will know that some folks say that trashing preferences fixed it for them, other say it was actually some old DigiEffects plugins that were causing their problems, and others say a full clean reinstall of FCP was the only solution for them ... if thats the route you're headed then you should avail yourself of Jon Chappel's excellent FCS Uninstaller app to get rid of everything prior to the reinstall:
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    Well, not exactly what I wanted to hear but it's better than not knowing. Thanks for your help.