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I downloaded the new mobileme update last night and ever since then, iTunes is frozen. I've restarted my computer and uninstalled iTunes. Even after reinstalling it, it's still frozen. iTunes does open, but once i hit refresh for my podcasts, it freezes and won't let me do anything. I have to crlaltdel to shut it down and then restart it. Then it freezes again. Is anyone else having this problem since the mobile me update?

Dell, Windows XP
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    I haven't downloaded anything and my iTunes is doing the same thing. I open it, and it works for about 10 seconds and then freezes. Help???
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    this is happening to me as well
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    eta: tried uninstalling itunes and then re-installing and that didn't help either - hope someone fixes this
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    I found an answer that seemed to solve the problem for me. It seems to be podcast related. (If you're not downloading podcasts, you may want to stop reading.)

    I was subscribed to the Adam Carolla podcast. When the show ended this past week, it sent out ALL of the podcasts for the last 3 years. To solve the problem, as soon as I opened iTunes, I clicked on the SETTINGS button at the bottom of the Podcast window and changed the "Check for new podcasts" setting to "Manually" and "When new episodes are available" to "Do nothing". Then clicked "OK" and closed iTunes before it froze. The next time I opened iTunes, I was able to start deleting the old greyed out podcasts (about a screen worth at a time to prevent that from overloading the program). Once I got that cleaned up, it works fine now. I was even able to click REFRESH and get the podcasts from Friday.

    Hope that helps someone!
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    Someone said the Adam Corrola pod cast was causing it...I set everything to manual like the other person said and it seems to have worked so far...
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    Update: If you change your podcast updating to manual, itunes will stay open. So, great solved that part. But now I can't get more podcasts.
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    You CAN get more podcasts, you just have to click REFRESH. You have to manually click the button instead of the system automatically doing it. If iTunes freezes, then you'll need to start unsubscribing from your Podcasts to find out which one is causing your problem. In my case like I said, it was the Adam Carolla podcast. Once I cleaned that podcast up, I'm able to get the rest of my podcasts just fine.