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I am using Windows Vista and iTunes 8. When I have iTunes launched and playing music, I want to browse internet to read news, etc. When I do this, whichever song it's on skips/kinda gets stuck. It does this all the time. Even when trying to gt to this forum to post a message, the song playing kept skipping. Once you are on a website, it's ok, but once you click on a link to read an article, etc, the skipping starts again.

Any thoughts what is causing this?


iTunes 8, Windows Vista
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    I'm having the same problem with my music skipping. However, it also happens to me when I have any program open, not just the internet. Has anyone come up with any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I'm having interruptions which are less severe. It doesn't SEEM to be related to anything else happening. I can fire up my new laptop with Vista and run iTunes 8.1.1 as the only thing I have started, and try to relax with my headphones on. It will give little crackely things that sound like the noise that should go with a skip on a vinyl record, but it doesn't skip, just pops/crackels. It does this about every 45 seconds with nothing going on but the playing of my tunes and the fluttering of my eyelids. I'm guessing that something on my laptop is trying to do something every 45 seconds, but I haven't figured out how to tell what it is yet.
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    Robert - you've described it exactly! Mine definitely skips and pops, too. After you said what the interval is, I checked mine. The first one popped at 31 seconds, the second at 2:10. So, it's definitely erratic. Sometimes mine does actually skip a little bit. Strange as I know the cd it came from didn't do that.
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    Robert, you could look in Task Manager > Processes tab.
    Click on the column named CPU twice and that will put processes using the most CPU time at the top. Maybe something will blip up there every 45 seconds.
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    I'm on XP and I'm having the same issue. Tried your suggestion and it seems to skip every time the internet explorer starts to take up any sort of CPU higher than about 15. Never happened before with iTunes before updating it last night. Does iTunes really need that much CPU? How do I 'downgrade' to the old one, or sovle this problem?
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    Right-click on itunes.exe on the process tab, and set the priority for AboveNormal.
    Or set IE to Below Normal.
    Just remember what you change, in case you want to change it back.

    At any rate, that is not normal for IE to be taking 15% of the CPU usage....at least on my PC. Does your PC meet specs for itunes 8.1?
    How much CPU is iTunes using? Mine doesn't go above 50% even when I'm playing video.
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    Katrina - thanks for the tip. It helped clear it a bit but not totally. It's not popping quite as badly. DO you think if we increase the priority to even higher, this might help more?
    My CPU jumps above 60% when I have Itunes open. I am using windows vista. I didn't have this problem before I downloaded the new itunes It seems that this could be the reason. What do you think?
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    The newest 8.1 version loads a lot faster for me...I honestly don't know what it could be on your PC, since everyone has different software installed.

    When you play a song in itunes, the library files (ITL and XML) get updated frequently with play counts.
    If security software is monitoring the itunes folder, and making itunes wait for a scan to save those files, it could cause problems. Norton/Symantec especially is bad at realizing a new version of itunes is allowed and safe. Temporarily turn off any security software and see if it still happens.
    You can always turn it back on.

    And yes, you could try increasing the priority even higher. iTunes on my PC is rarely over 50%.
    It is only that high when it is first starting up, and when I launch a video or song, then it settles back down. It shouldn't be constantly running above 50%.
    Is it that way when nothing is playing and you are just looking at the itunes window?
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    *This is exactly what happens to my iTunes when I'm browsing the internet using Firefox or Google Chrome. It's only the beginning of each new song that plays during the crossfade process that starts sputtering or skipping. It only does it for the 3 or 4 seconds and the beginning of each song.*

    *To sum it up in a better way. Each song is fine while playing if I'm not doing anything on the computer. But when a song ends and a new one begins, and I'm typing an email or typing a post here or loading web pages, surfing, etc, then that is when it happens when a song crossfades into another song. I hope everyone understands this. I've been trying to get an answer for some time.*
    *Refer to my previous post below:*


    I have watched my Vista Resource Monitor while each song plays in iTunes and I can see that my CPU usage is 100% after each song ends and another begins. iTunes is a hog it seems that uses too much of the CPU when changing songs.
    Tested it with WMP and it doesn't use much of the CPU during and after each song. So, my theory is that iTunes jumps up the cycles of the CPU after each song.
    for what reason I don't know.
    Please offer some input. Thanks

    Garth :):)

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