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I have a few scripts running on my Mac at work where we have some critical data being shuffled around. In order to access some of this data, it has to stay connected to a couple network shares (on Windows servers) but there's never been a way to maintain a persistent network connection (or a placeholder for) on the Mac as far as I know. I need something like what Windows has. On Windows, you can map a drive and even if it gets disconnected, it will reconnect automatically if a program or user needs access. On the Mac, if the connection is dropped, it's gone until someone manually reconnects. I need this to be reliable and able to function without a lot of babysitting.

I wrote a mount command into my script to make sure the share is mounted before running but lately I've been finding that the mount attempt occasionally fails and leaves me with a folder in /Volumes that then acts as an impediment to getting connected later (have to manually remove the darn folder and start over.)

So, any thoughts or suggestions on how to get these network share connections to be a little more persistent and reliable? There has to be some way to do this.

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