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About a couple of weeks ago I noticed that my Iphone (not3g) was randomly turning on by itself to the start screen, and would stay on for about 10 seconds. Also, it randomly turns on with the "This accessory is not made to work with the iPhone" message. This quickly drains the battery. Also, I can't shut my phone down. When i do the Slide to Power Off, it just restarts. I have already tried a restore and that didn't work either. Any suggestions?

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    Having the exact same issue. Just started yesterday. Have done the restore, etc with no positive results.
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    You can try restarting it by holding down the sleep button and the home button until the screen shuts off.

    If that doesn't work, you can try restoring the iPhone's firmware.

    If that doesn't work, then call apple and bring it into an apple store to have them look at it, it might be defective.
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    Tried that too and after fiddling with it literally all morning, it seems to be fixed. The last two things I did were to delete all of my applications, resync (not reinstalling any applications) and used canned air to blow out both the cord connections slot and the earphone plug opening (of course I did this last night too, without any results). Now my phone is working again. I can shut it off, it doesn't wake itself up every few minutes and I'm not getting the airport error message. Fingers crossed that this holds...I may try to reinstall one app at a time (maybe one per day) and see if I can isolate the app that I'm assuming is causing the problem.
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    When I say that I deleted all applications, I mean any that I downloaded from the apps store that were "extras", not the standard programs that come by default with the phone. Not sure if that was clear in my previous post.
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    Just so you know, you can't delete the applications that come standard on the iPhone, such as SMS, Camera, Photos, App Store, etc.
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    Well, unless you jailbreak it, which I haven't. But I didn't specify that in this thread. From browsing the forums for awhile it seems like jailbreaking is more common than I would have thought...
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    Hi just to let you know i can sms now and phone hasn't got hot for a while like 13 hours now but the home button isn't working i will have to get it fixed as it is doing my head in.

    I cant get the computer to see my iphone how can i sort this out i want itunes on it thanks Will
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    sorry wrote on wrong one sorry!!
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    I had this same problem with my iphone and it seems to be that the connector may have some corrosion on it or some dirt that may be causeing the iphone to recognize some device connected when there isn't. This would also answer the question of why the phone is turning itself on when you turn it off. Try wetting the end of a paper towel with some alcohol and wiping the connector at the bottom. This seems to have worked for me so far.
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    I had the same problem with my phone. I hard reset it 5 times, restored (x3), took the phone apart (nightmare and damaged it)....but all it needed was a good cleaning. I had previously used compressed canned air to clean it, but that did not work. It did not dawn on me to use a pick and cloth. I then read this post and used a lens cleaner cloth (soaked in rubbing alcohol) and a dental pick. Cleaned the connectors and the thing works like a gem. Thanks all for the help.
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    The problem is that the iphone is slightly bent (don't put it on your pants back pokect) and it causes some internal connections to get shorted. Usually, if you put the middle of the back side against a table edge and press slightly on the ends, it will fix the problem.
    Hope it helps.
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    I had the same problem described and fixed it in 3 minutes with a piece of paper dipped in alcohol. It was flat enough to get down in the connector port and I just rubbed it back and forth to clean it. Fixed