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Initially when I access www.hotmail.com from safari on the Iphone it goes to the actually hotmail website, but now since I have upgraded to 2.2.1 its going to the mobile version of hotmail How do I change this

Windows XP
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    Some sites which have a mobile version provide an option at the bottom of the page with a link to the normal page. It does not appear that the Hotmail mobile site has this option.

    Did you know that you can now set up your Hotmail in the mail app?
    Hotmail is now available with free POP access.
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    This is determined by the website provider with Safari on the iPhone being detected as the mobile version of Safari, which it is.

    Most website providers that include a full and mobile website version for their website include a link to go to the full website when visiting the website with a mobile browser. If not, the website should have a slightly different URL for the full version with a mobile browser. You can save this URL as a bookmark and/or as a webclip on your iPhone's home screen which will take you to the full version of the website when the webclip is selected.
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    I did try to set up Hotmail , but the POP feature is not free its only for paid subscribers. I used to be able to access hotmail's full version on my phone just by typing the link.

    When I type in www.hotmail.com, it now goes to the mobile version.
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    When did you try to set up the Hotmail on your iPhone? It just became free about a week ago.

    The page is written to recognize the type of device connecting to the server (mobile device vs desktop).
    If there is no link available to go back to the regular Hotmail page, then you will need to address this with MSN/Hotmail support.
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    I tried it a while back. Where can I get the settings

    Thanks a bunch
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    The iPhone should configure itself by selecting "Other" as the mail type.

    incoming: pop3.live.com
    user: your hotmail email
    pass: your password

    SMTP: smtp.live.com
    User: your Hotmail email
    pass: you password

    SSL should be on for both.
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    It says POP account verification failed

    The POP server "pop3.live.com is not responding. Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the incoming mail server

    I did check and its correct
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    I had the same problem. Two days ago I could log into hotmail through the safari browser and it was fine. Now www.hotmail.com logs me into the mobile version which I cant see anything but words. After hours of fiddling around, I figured out what others were talking about. If you go to the Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calenders and under accounts touch "Add Account". Go down to "Other" and you can add your hotmail account. Then your emails come into your mailbox instead of having to go to the browser. Only drawback I find so far is that if you click on a link, it opens up the browser and then you have to go back to mail, On the other hand, I dont have to keep enalarging the screen so I can touch on the little box to be able to delete the junk. Just have to hit the little trash can and it ***** up the deleted email! Still do not know why this method changed in two days, but I found nothing helpful on the MSN/Hotmail help website. Hope this helps you and everyone else who had this problem!

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    please use this link through your safari internet browser
    after that and when you reach ur inbox please save the link as a bookmark

    have a nice email browsing