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Ok so i went out and bought the Mac Box set so i can reformat my computer. I want to erase everything and start over like it was a new computer pretty much. It is about a year old computer, i am giving it to my parents so i want to erase all my old files and whatever else and start over with a new updated machine. What is the best way to go about doing this? Disk Utility?

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Insert the Mac OS X install DVD or the computer's original disks, perform an Erase & Install or and Erase & Restore, and press the Command and S keys upon restart. Enter 'shutdown -h now' into the prompt without the quote marks, and include the disk you used to perform the installation with it.

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    There are a few steps you may have missed*:


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    Do you have an iMac CRT? It looks like

    and may come in a variety of colors. If yours is not like this, it is not an iMac CRT, and can't be upgraded to Mac Box Set which included Mac OS X 10.5. Only 867 Mhz and faster Flat Panel iMacs , Intel iMacs (most recent Intel iMacs look like this), and PowerPC G5 iMacs (iMac G5 and Intel first and second generation look like this) can have the Mac Box Set installed. You posted to the iMac G3 forum, so we had to ask.
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    Oh shoot yes i have the imac g5.