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Aaron Cobb Level 1 Level 1
Tonight I copied some photos from my wife's shared iPhoto library on her MacBook Pro to my iPhoto library on my Mac Pro, about 400 photos, all taken since December 2008 (toddler + DSLR = lots of photos). I noticed the imported photos were sorting out of chronological order, and then I noticed that about 100 of the photos were dated 7:00:00 Dec 31, 2000. The dates in my wife's iPhoto library are all correct. I've attempted to re-copy some of the problem photos, but they keep coming through with the same bogus date.

The affected photos are from all throughout the three month period, with some taken at the same times unaffected. And I don't think my wife has edited more than a handful of these photos. As best I can tell, the problem affects the photos randomly.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Mac Pro 3GHz Eight Core, Mac OS X (10.5.6), iPhoto '09 v. 8.0 (393)