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Hey Forum,

Plz tell me that somebody has a solution for my problem. I have a CAD U37 USB mic. I was having some problems with it before, but the problems were temporarily solved. At first I was having a problem hearing the audio output while I was recording. Then the forum helped me to set up an aggregate device. At first everything was working fine. As a part of the aggregate device, I had the Built-In internal input, the Built-In internal output, and the USB mic input. I still have the same inputs and outputs as my aggregate device now. Everything was working fine. I was doing my recordings and life was great. Now I'm having another problem. At first it started with an error message that came up which said, "Error while trying to synchronize audio and midi...Sample Rate 42216 recognized...Check conflict between Logic Pro and external device." I was told to fix the sample rate in the Audio arrange...which I did. The music would have a crazy fuzz every time I would have the track with the mic record enabled. Now when I try to record on the mic I have one of the following two problems. Either I get the mic to be fuzzy like that. Or there is no output coming from the MIC at all. The MIC still works because the light is still blinking on it. Also, when I go to preferences and change the input to the mic that is not an aggregate device, you can see the meter jumping on that track, even though you can't hear it. The sample rates are both the same on the mic and on logic. So I think I've done everything right. I've got a MacBook4.1. I have OS X 10.5.6. I'm using Logic Pro 8. I have a CADU37 USB mic. Can somebody out there please help me.

MacBook4.1, Mac OS X (10.5.6)