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    Hi Olaf


    I think we are on the same page here. Today I was talking to another director of our company. The director told me that she had a problem with her iPhone. The problem was yet again "missing calendar appointements" on the iPhone. Several recurring calendar appointements that were moved and edited by the secretary were showig up on the pc but went missing on the iPhone. I "solved" this problem by delete/add the exchange calender.


    Another solution that I found on this forum is to disable the option "push".. yet push is necessary for a manager/director. They need always to be online.


    I also have an advising role and I only want the best for my clients. It is only a matter of time when they are going to ask me if it isn't a better idea to switch from Apple to Android devices. Beside this isssue I think the iPhone is a very decent phone.


    I would consider advising an android in case a manager (with secretary ...) asks for advise.




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    Olaf Buschmaas wrote:




    i work as an service desk employee too.

    We are a small company in our concern and support more than 100 iPhones and many have a problem with the calendar sync.

    Many of the iPhone-Users have 20 to 50 calendar entrys a week, the secretary creates many entries and moves appointments very often around to balance several people. And some appointments on iPhone calendars wont move any longer on the devices, in apple mail oder outlook on there macbooks the appointments move correct, but the iphones wont show the actual appointment - it shows a wrong version and this gives mismatches...


    The only known solution is to delete the account and add again.


    This issue did not happen in one case if colleagues use blackberry or android - this seems to be an unique iphone feature...


    My CEO asked my if we should move to Android. Calendars are very important for our managers, they jump from appointment to appointment, several managers bought a private Android Device and told me this is there soloution...


    I represent only about 100 iphones in our compay group, our consolidated companies have tens of tousands mobile devices and the concern managers for mobile devices told me: dont use iphone - shouldnt i do???


    Please - can anybody help me???


    There are several independent Exchange installations affected - from about 1,000 accounts at our company to concern installations beyond 200,000 accounts.



    Olaf Buschmaas


    Exactly the same problem with iOS devices and Exchange 2007. On Blackberry phones everthing works well but in a few months we will only using iPhones.


    Please fix this problem.

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    I am a single user and do not mix my work calendar with personal business.  As a single user, none of your solutions are going to address my issue.  I have outlook 365 and iphone 5 and every once in while i see meetings in the future disapear, this is bad as I miss important meetings and mess up my planning.  Nothing notes on this issue solves the problem for people like me.   I do not know what to do with my outlook or my iphone to address this issue.


    If apple and microsoft can not work together, then they should not be saying that it works.  I am so frustrated with technology causing more problems instead of making our life easier.  I am almost ready to go back to paper.  As a Business/IT person having installed and used technology, I am VERY disappointed with our progress,  we do big data, cloud and mega analytics, yet can not fix a simple email and calendar issue.   this is SAD.


    Anyone have any solutions for me?

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