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Hello, to all.

I created an Imovie project on my Ibook 10-3-9, Imovie v5.0.2. Save it to external Hd Lacey and copy it to the Macbook 10.4.11 idvd6 to finish it with better sound effects.I sent it to Idvd, whatch it through on Preview and worked perfect! I did not use any chapter markers,just a theme. The material for this project are avi's and digital pictures. The size of it is 1.3Gs about 50minutes.

The burned result is that gradually after a while the sound of the avi's goes out of sync. Whith every clip,a little bit more. At the end of the movie the audio is about 3 seconds behind. The avi's are from the same camera that I used for all my previous projects very successfully and the final movie done in the same manner.

I've been reading like crazy to find a clue and I did find details here and there that could lead to these problem but also I became confused. Someone said that turning off the virtual memory before working on Imovie or Idvd will save us from some performance troubles..I know that this person was using an Imac the ones that used to have colored shells..I wonder! would virtual memory be one causes in this matter in a Macbook??

If I extract the audio from the clips..what do I get? amovie without audio? and then, where do Ilook for it ...can place it on timeline matching the clips??....Sorry, guys! I am lost,here!

I would like to build the project again,I will select a low speed for burning this time, but I would love to have your valuable opinion on what else I should do.
Thank you!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Idvd6
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    Re extracting audio -- you'd do that in iMovie. Select the desired clip on the timeline and use the menu option to Extract Audio -- that will copy the audio down to an audio track and lower the volume of the .avi clip to zero. Don't know if the suggestion also included locking the audio clip, but I would use that menu option to keep the new audio track and video in sync (Lock Audio Clip at Playhead).
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    I would suggest you to export you movie to single file by Share -> Export using QuickTime to be sure that there is no missing synchronization of sound and video. And after add this file to iDVD project
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    iMovie: Improving audio and video synchronization

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    Hi, JKeller.
    I did extract and locked it playhead...it did not work. The sound is now like static in an intermittent way. I will copy the original project again to try the other suggestion posted after yours. Needless to say, how much I appreciate your help. Big thanks! I know that it should have worked. Must be something wrong with these movie software, that is not perfect..even final cut pro could have its problems.
    Thanks again.
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    Hello! I did what Serhij suggested and again, the QuickTime movie its out of sync.

    Now, I would see if our digital camera is capable of accepting back its own avi's and if there is a 16 bit setting to importing them back into Imovie for a whole new project.
    More or less what the next post by Klaus shows when you read the link's article.
    I guess, this would be my last chance of making it work.

    Thank you so much!
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    Hello, Klaus.
    Very interesting article..I red it before and I discarded the possibility because the idea is to set a camcorder to 16 bits and I don't have a camcorder..but reading it again I started wondering...if a camcorder have that option, why not try the digital camera? It should be equipped to do it. Soooooo, I am going explore it!

    I will post again to let everybody know if hit the jackpot or not. If can solve this problem the victory would be all yours and you'll get your star.

    Big thanks!
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    I Too have this problem now, When burning a iMovie with iDVD it's out of Sync by up to 9 mins at the end of the 1hour 16min movie
    I have a new iMac with with latest software (checked with Apple's Software update)
    I will try the "extract audio"
    This was a problem about 5 years ago but was fixed with a update the Quicktime then.
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    I have now tried "extract audio" no go, sound is scrambled.
    I then tried exporting the iMovie to a Quicktime movie then then Burning that with iDVD, NoGo, Sound is out of Sync the same as a straight to iDVD from iMovie.

    It's got to be Quicktime that's the problem.

    Any help out there from Apple support ????
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    Hello, all.
    The only thing that worked for me was to start my movie from scratch on the newest laptop running Tiger and I movie 6.0.3. I just copied all my AVIs to it from my external HD ( the very originals) and worked on it all over again.

    Thank youuuuu!

    Good luck,James.