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jb35sport Level 1 (0 points)
Has anyone else experienced iTunes causing the volume on songs to SURGE or OSCILLATE?? I have the 'sound check' box checked.....

This is my second Toshiba laptop running Vista and the other doesn't have any problems with iTunes. I like to think my ears can discern this surge as I'm used to higher end audio equipment.

When running other sound programs like Toshiba Power Cineam, I don't experience any sag/surge in volume output.....

Is it possible to reinstall? Is it possible it screwed up my .MP3s while importing the folder?

The sound quality is driving me nuts and I like iTunes so I want to figure this out...

Any help is appreciated.

  • hmacross Level 3 (780 points)
    Does it surge while playing the song, or from one song to the next?
  • stlr6x09 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem with volume surging.I have a dual boot on two hdds. The first has vista home premium, the second has xp pro.On both i have itunes This has been on my pc since June '08. Xp itunes plays fine but vista is another problem.This started within the last month. I have played songs in Realplayer and windows media and they play fine,just not in itunes. I even re-installed itunes and the same thing.