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I originally bought my mac in 06, but it was a Monday Morning Mac and after numerous failures, Apple exchanged it for a new in '08. I have just tried to install my old iWork 06 - I had previously uninstalled it from the duff mac and was assured that I'd be able to run it on the new one - and the serial number comes up as invalid.
The serial number is the one on my original packaging.

Thanks, in advance.

macbook pro 17", Mac OS X (10.4.6), 2.16GHz
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    I can think of several things that could be the problem.

    That '08 Mac would have a trial of iWork included. It's likely that the version is iWork '08 (released in August, 2007). You may be trying to use your iWork '06 serial number on iWork '08. It won't work. You would want to delete iWork '08 & then install iWork '06 from the original disk.

    If that's not the problem, it could be one of the common problems users have when entering the serial number. See this user tip for suggestions.

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    Hi Peggy
    Thanks for that - that could well be the issue. I do indeed have a trial (now expired) for iWork 08 on my system. I wanted to try out Numbers, and I have a Numbers doc. that I wanted to still be able to view. I figured I needed to keep the iWork files on my system in order to do that.
    I'll ditch the iWork 08.
    Would you be able to advise me (or anyone else) in 2 things?

    When I wish to delete and application, are there files other than those in the applications folder, that I need to zap? If so, where do I find them?

    Will I have to zap BOTH the iWork 06 and 08, and then re-install 06?

    Thanks for you help!
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    After the trial expires the iWork applications become "viewers" allowing you to still see any documents. You would not be able to edit, print, etc. There is no absolute need to delete iWork '08, but OS X would always try to open documents with the newer version. So, unless you absolutely need that Numbers document, I would delete iWork '08. Just drag the iWork '08 folder from Applications to the Trash.

    If you do have iWork '06 installed, you should be able to just launch one of the apps & enter your serial number. It it doesn't give you that option, go to HD > Library > Preferences & delete the com.apple.iWork.plist, empty the Trash & then start one of the applications again. You should get the splash page with to option to enter your serial number.

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    Hi Peggy
    I actually deleted the 06 and 08 versions with AppCleaner, and then re-installed. The serial number is still being identified as invalid.
    Am I doing something daft?
    I enter the number in lower case, and I'm not including the hyphens that break the number into chunks of 4 characters.

    Thanks again!
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    Oh Lord - I just realised - include the hyphens and don't have caps lock on. All in the orig. link that you posted. My bad.
    Thanks for your time. I shall now close this embarresing thread....