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I am trying to sync photos that are on my iphone but are not on my PC or itunes.

Here is the problem:

I originally had some photos that were in the photos folder on my iphone(not in my iphone "camera" files). I originally synced the above photos from my PC through itunes to my iphone. Unfortunately, I mistakenly deleted the photos from my PC. Now the only copy of the photos I have are on my iphone.

Now, I want to back up these photos to my PC through an itunes sync but there appears to be no option to merge the photos with itunes. In other words, itunes seem to erase all photos on my iphone that are not in itunes or my PC when I have synced in the past. Now, I am scared to sync my iphone with itunes because I am afraid it will erase the photos from my iphone since the photos are not in itunes.

I hope this is clear. I think it is annoying that there is no way for me to simply drag photos that are on my iphone to my compute when it is connected through the USB cable. I should be able to just drag a copy of a photo from my iphone onto my PC. Thanks