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I didn't find good category for this post so I will write here. I need small help in choosing graphic editing program. Now I work on old version of Photoshop Elements 4. It's quite good because it is compatible with psd (more or less depends on type of layer from full version of Photoshop), and work fine. But it has many basic functions that not allowed user to make their own adjustments like for example you can't choose exactly how big border or shadow you want in px (only ready small/medium/high versions).

I would like to change this software to something new with more flexible options. I'm thinking about upgrade of Elements to version 6 or buy Pixelmator. On one hand:

Photoshop Elements 6
+ quite good compatible with psd
- price compare with Pixelmator
I don't know if they allowed user to have more adjustable options?

On other hand:
+ price
+ more flexible options to use in borders, shadows etc.
- I heard that there are small problems with opening psd

I would be glad if someone will write a little bit about those two programs and help to make decision.
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