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Network consists of a G5, a hub, an Airport Extreme, an Airport Express and one MacBook.

The MacBook, tonight, lost Internet. I tried over Airport (full strength to the network, no Internet). I tried plugging it in to an Ethernet cable (still no internet). The G5 has maintained internet.

I restarted the MacBook. No Internet. I ran Network Diagnostics, and all but the last two lights are green. The last two (Internet, Server) are yellow. Not red, not green, but YELLOW.

What does yellow mean, and how do I get them green?

BTW, the MacBook can get internet off of SOMEONE ELSE'S wireless router (a neighbor), but not our own. I didn't change anything....

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Hi Brent,

    Try this:

    Open System Preferences>Network. Click on Airport and then Advanced. Locate the problematic network in the window that opens, highlight it and delete it (via the "-" sign.)

    Apply the change and close network preferences. Now see if you can't re-connect to the wayward network...

    Hope this helps.

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    To test my understanding: I deleted my Airport network as you described, but it remain connected to the "wayward" network. I then selected a different network (so many show up I can barely believe it), and then switched back to mine.

    Same result. Full strength, but no internet.

    Just to clarify, the problem is not in connecting to the network, it is that for some reason, the MacBook can't see the Internet, even though it could this morning, and the G5 (from which I write this reply) can.
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    Also, please remember: this is really strange because even when I plug the MacBook in via a network cable, it still cannot see the Internet. Ethernet, Network Settings, ISP --- all green, but Internet and Server show Yellow in Network Diagnostics....
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    Fixed it myself....

    All it really took was for me to reset the cable modem and the Airport Extreme. Turned off both the cable modem and the AE, waited 30 seconds, plugged in the cable modem, waited for the lights to go, then plugged in the AE. Worked.

    Now it dawns on me: this is the same procedure I followed with my old network (non Apple wireless modem/router) when I was having this problem, except then, the problem was in reverse: the MacBook would see the internet but the G5 wouldn't.

    Oh, now I have a sinking feeling I'll be doing something like this a lot more. Any input on what I should do should I see this happen again (and again)?
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    Sometimes power surges can cause a modem to hiccup, requiring a reset... Happens to us in AK more often than I'd care to say...

    You might consider marking your post solved so that someone else could learn from your experience.

    Glad it's fixed.

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    Power surge... hm. I have the system on a UPS, but I believe I am probably overtaxing it. It may be time to upgrade that part...