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I have an imac with the intel chip and I just got a new samsung tv and i want to hook up my computer to my tv. I dont really know what i need to do to get it connect to the tv to watch stuff from the computer to my tv. So far I think i need this...
http://store.apple.com/us/product/M9320G/A?fnode=MTY1NDA3Ng&mco=MjE0ODQzNQ#overv iew

but i dont know if that is correct...can anyone help me?!

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    You posted this same question on another topic that gave lots of information about connecting a TV to a computer. Did that information not answer your question? If so, perhaps you should clarify what you're having trouble with.
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    no it didnt because all the questions there were for laptops. And i read in the reviews on a lot of the adapters dont work for the desktops as well as they do for the laptops, or the computers with intel chips. So Im having problems finding just hey you need this for your imac that has an intel chip along with this cord.
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    *yes i did read those*. And as I said in the question I posted...the same thing i posted in this thread, I have a desktop. All the reviews Ive read on adapters say that they do not work on desk tops with intel chips as well as the laptops.

    I would simply like to know what kind of adapter I need to get for a DESKTOP to connect to a flatscreen then to know what cord needs to be used in addition with the desktop.
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    Well, see, if you want an answer, you need to provide the necessary information. If you consider it vital information that you are using a desktop machine instead of a laptop, you need to say that. (I don't consider that vital information in this case.)

    The iMacs have a mini-DVI port on the back, so you'll need a mini-DVI to HDMI adapter or mini-DVI to S-video adapter. (The HDMI would be better.) If you're using a desktop other than the iMac listed at the bottom of your messages, just look up its specifications to determine whether you need DVI or mini-DVI. Then follow the directions here for how to make it go full screen, etc.

    I don't know anything about the reviews you mention, so if you want more information about why these adapters wouldn't work well on desktops with Intel chips (which sounds fishy to me), you'd need to tell us where to find them.
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    Which Samsung? The iMacs have a mini-DVI output connector. Depending on the model of Samsung TV you purchased, it has one of more of the following: RF, Composite video, SCART, S-Video, Component video, VGA, DVI-A, DVI-D, or HDMI.

    The trick will be to identify which inputs the set has, and which ones you are going to use for what. As far as quality goes HDMI = DVI-D > DVI-A = VGA > Component > S-Video = SCART > Composite > RF. Now, the TV doesn't have the high resolution or color quality of a computer monitor, so you generally want to go with one of the digital formats (HDMI or DVI-D) so you can use the TV at it's native resolution and with minimal blurring. If your TV has an HDMI in, get a mini-DVI to HDMI adapter and use that.

    Otherwise, simple select the best quality port available.
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    Thank you for your information. I will look into it. I did in my original post specify that i was using an imac which is in fact a desktop.

    I appreciate the information, however, I am posting with as much info as I have/understand about the situation. Sorry that you feel the info that i have provided is not adequate enough for you.

    Thank you for your help.
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    I've got same question, connect intel imac desktop to a Samsung 650 LCD. The tv has basically all connections (VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc.) Sounds like miniDVI to HDMI is the best solution, in terms of picture quality? Preferred to miniDVI to VGA? I think either solution will require me to also run an audio cable, to get sound. My main issue is a 30 foot distance between computer and tv. We'll see how the quality suffers. Thanks much