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I'm sure this has come up before, but I as well had the unfortunate incident where my iPhone 3G went missing and I cannot find it anywhere. I have a feeling it got stolen because I never turn my phone off, but yet when I called my phone the phone goes straight to the answering service.

My 3-year plan is with Fido. I presume that I cannot get a new phone at $199 with Fido? What do most people do in situations like this? I have now reported it lost or stolen on the Fido web site.

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    The $199 price you paid is Fido's subsidized or discounted price for the iPhone, and doubtful that Fido will sell you another iPhone at their subsidized price until you fulfill your existing contract term for the subsidy you already received for the iPhone that was lost or stolen. They will probably sell you another iPhone at the full or non-subsidized price, but you need to contact Fido to determine your options.
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    Hey, I read about your situation on the forum, I also had my phone stolen yesterday.... I am also with Fido and I wanted to know how things panned out. can you please let me know... I am basically in the exact same situation as you are