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Can someone tell me how I put chapter markers in iDVD (or iMovie) nowadays please?
Thanks in anticipation.

imac G5 isight, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Go to preferences, and select advanced options. You should see a couple tiny icons that appear to the top right of your timeline. Take the chapter marker and slide it to the time where you want it.

    Once I exported it to idvd, they showed up, but I had a big problem selecting them from the idvd menu. It would go to the wrong chapter, and then I would have to use the back button to go back to the proper chapter. That's my answer and a question that I'm sure you will encounter too...
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    From the iDvd'08 Help menu:

    Setting chapter markers in iDVD

    Within iDVD, you can add chapter markers to a movie that does not already have them. Chapter markers are necessary if you want to have a scene selection menu, just like commercial DVDs have, which allows viewers to go directly to specific scenes in your movie.

    To set chapter markers in a movie:

    Open a project and select the movie you want to add chapter markers to by clicking the button that links to it once.

    Choose Advanced > “Create Chapter Markers for Movie.”

    Click the up and down arrows in the dialog that appears to specify the frequency of chapter markers, in minutes, in the movie.

    You can also type a number in the text field.

    Click OK.

    Now, when you double-click the name of the movie on the main menu, you access a submenu with Play Movie and Scene Selection buttons. When you click the Scene Selection button, you link to another menu that has a button to access each of the “chapters” you just created.

    After chapter markers are placed, you can’t change them. Chapter markers are visible to viewers only via a scene selection menu. If you decide you want to ignore your chapter markers, simply select the Scene Selection button by clicking it once, and then press the Delete key.

    Note that you can add chapter markers to more than one movie at a time by selecting multiple movies in your DVD menu before you choose Advanced > “Create Chapter Markers for Movie.”


    iMovie 7 offers interval chapter markers. If you use iM7 and GB you can make custom chapter markers. iMovie 6 is downloadable free from apple's web site (assuming you already have iLife'08).
    To create custom chapter markers (as opposed to using a third app like GB in order to do this) you can download iMovie 6 (see the following link):



    From the iMovie 6 Help menu:

    Setting chapter markers

    When you watch movies on a DVD player, in QuickTime Player, or in a video podcast, you can often select different scenes or "chapters" to view. If you plan to use your movie in an iDVD project, export it as a QuickTime movie, or share it as a video podcast, you can specify chapters for the movie.

    The chapter markers you set in iMovie HD are exported with your movie and used by iDVD, QuickTime Player, and GarageBand to create scene selection menus. When you publish a movie to the web using iWeb or export it to an iPod with video capability, chapter markers allow you to use the playback controls to jump between scenes.

    To set chapter markers:
    Move the playhead to the point at which you want to start a new chapter.
    IMPORTANT: You cannot add a chapter marker to the very beginning or end of your movie. (iMovie HD automatically adds an initial chapter marker at the beginning of a movie.) It's also a good idea not to add a chapter marker within a transition, or within one second of a transition or other chapter marker. If you do so, other applications may have trouble recognizing the chapter markers.

    Click the Chapters button, and then click Add Marker.
    Tip: To quickly add a chapter marker, you can also choose Markers > Add Chapter Marker.

    Type a chapter title next to the thumbnail that appears in the Chapters pane.
    Chapter markers appear in the timeline viewer as yellow diamonds.

    To remove a chapter marker, select it in the timeline viewer, and then choose Markers > Delete Chapter Marker. (You can also select the chapter marker in the Chapters pane, and then click Remove Marker.)

    To export your movie with chapter markers, export using the Share > iDVD, Share > iWeb, Share > iPod, or Share > QuickTime command.

    IMPORTANT: When you share your iMovie project as a QuickTime movie using the Full Quality option, iMovie HD doesn't include chapter markers in the QuickTime movie.


    Hope this helps but if not just come on back.

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    Thanks for the help and advice folks.