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Normally I have no problem doing this - just drag and drop to the trash but I recently downloaded via MacUpdate Promo an app called Clips and I can't get rid of it. No matter what I do via command to Trash or drag and drop to Trash I'm told that the application is running and cannot be deleted. It must be running in the back ground because I can't get at it to close it. Can anyone shed light on this ?

Macbook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    First check if the original installer (if it came with one) has an uninstall option. This usually sits just before you select the drive to install to.
    If there is no uninstaller there, search through the menus, there may be something like "Remove ..." or similar.
    Failing all the above, start the activity monitor, find your running app, select it and kill it - red stop sign on the toolbar. Once inactive, you should be able to delete it.
    Or see if it is in the Login Items under your user account, if so remove it from there (minus button), restart and try trashing it.

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    Clips does install as a login item in your user account.

    Launch Clips' preferences from the menu bar icon and uncheck the item "on login; Launch Clips", and "show Application Icon in;dock & menu bar"

    Check System prefs > Accounts > login items and delete Clips if still there.

    Log out and back in and try trashing it again.

    To be sure you've cleared all it's parts you can try a shareware app like AppDelete or AppZapper.
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    Hi - Clips duly "trashed" - thank you for your help !
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    Just for future reference, which option did you use to remove it?