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I recently purchased a Panasonic TH-50PZ81B. This is a UK model with a built-in satellite ("Freesat") receiver, and displays full 1080p and uses a 1920 x 1080 native panel. I used to connect my Mac mini HTPC to a Sony 42" plasma by VGA, and the Panasonic has a VGA input which displays 1,368 x 768 out of the box - no SwitchResX. It's decent. But, I wanted the "full" 1080p so bought the Belkin DVI-HDMI cable. Like a lot of people I got the choice of either the big black bars all around, or enabling "overscan" in Displays which would fill the screen, but, well, overscan! I spent all morning playing with SwitchResX and it just wasn't working (and the instructions at http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=751713 bothered me in that it seems to suggest you need to increase the resolution so it wouldn't be 1:1 pixel mapping). I tried to look at the service menu but it wasn't obvious what to do so I left it alone, and there is no manual picture adjustment like there was on my old Sony. Urgh.

But, by chance I noticed in the TV's Menu -> Settings menu on page 2 there is an option for Picture Overscan, which was turned on. I turned if off, and just like that got full 1080p 1:1 pixel mapping.

So, that's Mac mini with overscan ON. Use the great (weird) advice from Adam Nash to enable the Display menu bar item as seen here:
It works - you have two identical-looking outputs but your TV will tell you one is 1080i and the other is 1080p.
On the TV settings go Menu -> Settings -> Picture Overscan and make sure it's OFF. Done!

I don't know if other Panasonic screens are similar but I can tell from the frustration on other posts - which I shared, believe me - that there are a lot of people with this issue wondering why SwitchResX is so non-intuitive etc. so I am hoping that for all those people who know how to use Google, this will show up in their searches.

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