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Greetings all,

My university provides IPv6 access thru ISATAP protocol and instructions on how to use it on Windows/Linux. Unfortunately Mac OS X is not on the support list and I found it seems that Leopard comes with no ISATAP support by default.

After a lot of searching on internet, I found that there's a software named miredo which would possibly support ISATAP client on OS X. I compiled miredo 1.1.5 under the help of someone in miredo mailing list. However I can't get isatapd provided by miredo working correctly.

I checked isatapd and isatapd.conf manual by the man command.
Here's my conf file(/usr/local/etc/miredo/isatapd.conf):

InterfaceName sit1
SyslogFacility daemon
#Prefix 2001:da8:200:900e::/64

I wrote the first 3 values according to isatapd.conf manual and
thought the prefix value would be needed(commented out in a later try).

But, no matter I put in the prefix line or not, there seemed to be
config error.
What I got:

$ sudo ./isatapd -fisatapd[39365]: Starting...
isatapd[39381]: Fatal configuration error
isatapd[39365]: Child 39381 exited (code: 2)
isatapd[39365]: Terminated with error(s).

Since there's only example config fire for miredo, I had no clue what
problem this might be. And it turned out googling couldn't work out
this time ...

Thus, where can I find instructions on how I should modify the
isatapd.conf file?

And more importantly, is there any way available to access IPv6 thru ISATAP protocol on Mac OS X?

Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Best regards


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