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We just got delivery on a Dell S2209W (22 inch). It's connected via the DVI-I cable (from Dell) to one of two DVI ports ~ left side port. The system auto-detects the monitor whenever I use the display settings in the system settings utility.

Problem: The manual system adjustment "buttons" are inoperative. The techs at Dell said that it's most likely due to the Mac disabling them. I downloaded the ATI utility update (the app wasn't on our Mac before that) but all that shows up is the system settings for the Dell 2209W profile and most of the options for the card don't even show up. I'm not even sure that I can change the settings. Don't think so...

Is the ATI Radeon 9600 Pro PC and Mac Edition graphics card incompatible with the Dell S2209W or is there some hidden settings document that needs to be changed?

Need I point out that, without the ability to access the menu and/or make manual adjustments, it's not possible to calibrate the color settings?

By the way... There's no service tag on this monitor because, apparently, Dell doesn't support it unless you've got it connected to a Dell computer. I was given a telephone number and advised to call it for 'Electronics & Accessories' support. This information wasn't on the product information page at the Dell site and it certainly wasn't on the invoice. Even if you have Dell gear (we have an older PC and laptop), you can't list this monitor as part of your hardware profile at the Dell site. (I'll repost this to give non-G5 owners a heads up on this one.)

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