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Sometimes the console on Safari's Web Inspector doesn't show me javascript errors. This makes debugging a page harder (e.g., I think a page is free of JS errors, when really Safari just isn't showing them to me).

This is how I expect it to work: I load a page and open the Web Inspector. It shows me any JS errors. If I reload the page, the Inspector also reloads and shows me the JS errors. Often it does work this way.

Sometimes, though, one some pages, when I reload the page, the Inspector clears and reloads like above, but the JS errors don't show up in the console (I do get a red indicator next to the JS file with the number of errors). If I close the inspector and reopen it, the errors then show up.

I have tried restarting Safari, restarting my computer, and reinstalling Safari. This is Safari Version 3.2.1 (5525.27.1).

Mac OS X (10.5.6)