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When I've been importing music into my library from a flash drive I've been double clicking on the song, then it automatically moves into my library. But this takes hours, even if it's only a two gig flash drive! I was wondering if there was any faster way to import songs into iTunes from a Flash Drive.

Dell Dimension 4700, Windows XP
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    Open iTunes and go to File>Add Folder to Library and navigate to your USB drive in the window that open. Choose your folder of songs and they all be added at once. Alternatively, open your usb drive in Windows eXplorer and select all the songs you want in iTunes and drag the selection to the iTunes source pane (the long pane on the left): Adding Content to iTunes

    When you are adding content to the library from a removable drive make sure your iTunes preferences are set to copy the songs to the hard drive. Open iTunes and go to Edit>Preferences>Advanced and check the box "Copy to files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library".