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i'm working on a site where i want to have a leader.mov that auto plays with no controllers when the page loads, then when it finishes automatically link to a 2nd movie w/ controllers that auto plays.

in the documentation it says that using an HREF param with the A<url> tag should do the same thing as a QTNEXT param. it doesn't... the A<url> tag operates no differently from a normal <url> tag, but when you click the movie it does load the controllers and scale attributes that i set with E<params> in the HREF tag. if i try to use the QTNEXT instead of HREF the movie loads perfectly but it ignores the E<params> and doesn't give me controllers.

right now i've got it working by using a QTNEXT that specifies a movie, and then i have an E<autohref=true> set in addition to the <url> and then an HREF with the params i want. and it appears to be executing the qtnext changes the autohref to true, and then hits the href and jumps to it, properly executing the param changes.

this just doesn't seem like the best way to go about this, and i haven't tested cross platform yet...

any body got any ideas?

also, here's my code - i'm using the AC_quicktime.js file provided by apple for embedding QTmovs

QT_WriteOBJECT('inc/leader.mov' , '640', '95%','', 'autoplay','true', 'controller','false','scale','aspect', 'qtnext1','<leader.mov> T<myself> E<autohref=true>', 'href','A<Teaser.mov> T<myself> E<scale=aspect autoplay=true controller=true>');

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