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I hope you can bare with me with what may be a series stupid questions. We are about to deploy about 20 iPhones in the org. I would like to setup a profile to handle the email configuration, VPN profiles, etc. I get the basic config, no problem, however I am having problems signing the profile. I have both a .crt and a .key file for a wildcard cert from GeoTrust. I can't seem to get it to recognize as a legitimate signing cert. I have tried creating a pair my own and can get it to show up as a valid signing cert but when the profile hits the device, it says it isn't signed. I know I am making a silly mistake, but this isn't very well documented. So I am looking for a step by step set of directions.

Also, can I do the following with the profile or by some other automated means:

1) Set screensaver picture

2) Install free apps on the iPhone (ie: Salesforce Mobile)

3) Restrict the ability to remove the provisioning profile

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    We have the same problem. (We have over a 1000 iPhones connected to Exchange.) The iPhone is missing certs that are required to recognize the cert you're using as legitimate. We gave up (after requesting that Apple add the certs to the phone) and we simply tell people to ignore the warning. In our case it wasn't a big deal. We already have a two-factor-authenticated Web site that people use for Outlook Web Access. We hung an iPhone-friendly Web site off that main site that people use to install the profile. So, from the iPhone, then go to the setup URL, enter in their two-factor credentials, tap on the profile, accept the non-signed profile warning and continue with the setup. It's worked really well for us though of course, we wish Apple would add the intermediate certs.

    As for your other questions, there's no capability currently to do what you're asking.
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    For the certificate issue you may have to install the root certificate as shown on page 36 of the Enterprise Deployment Guide. http://manuals.info.apple.com/enUS/Enterprise_DeploymentGuide.pdf

    Also, this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2185 provides a list of available trusted root certificates.

    The Enterprise deployment guide provides other general information that may help like, distributing iPhone applications.

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    I was able to get the cert issue worked out....

    I do wish that there were more options for larger deployments of the iPhone. However, all 24 iPhones have been deployed and folks love them.