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Long time iPhone owner here. I've purchased a ton of apps, and at first I was irresponsibly making purchases then deleting them off of my iphone before syncing to my PC. Thus, I have a ton of apps I've purchased with no way to easily cross reference which ones i did not backup and save on iTunes.

Where is the feature in the latest version of iTunes to let me just view and download all of my purchased apps? I can see my billing history, but it's not very user friendly for trying to reclaim all of my purchased apps.



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    Thanks for that link but it doesn't really solve my problem. I have no issues syncing the apps saved in iTunes to my iPhone. The problem is I have a large amount of apps I've purchased that were not backed up on iTunes and have since been deleted from my iPhone. I'm looking for an easy way to perhaps batch download all previously purchased apps into iTunes.
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    I don't believe there is a way to batch download all apps that you previously purchased but have deleted.

    What you can do is reselect each app individually that you already purchased to be downloaded again with iTunes on your computer, and as long as you use the same iTunes account to re-download the apps, you won't be charged again.
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    That was my fear. The area where you can view your purchase history isn't very user friendly as far as doing this sort of task for a large amount of apps.

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    Perhaps you should think before you take reckless action in the future.
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    the only way is to remember what apps you downloaded and re-select them and pray that you used the same user account... the bad thing is you probably dont remember all the ones you had previously downloaded.
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    Yeah, and that's exactly the problem I am having It will take quite a bit of research and time to try and coordinate with my billing history to redownload apps. I know I shoulder responsibility for this mess, but I won't deny that I just assumed that the app store and Apple would have been organized enough to allow one to easily sync all purchased apps.