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    hey i was able to talk with the apple people, and they are sending me a new pair of earphones but i have to pay the shipments since i no longer have the free shipping thing, kind of ***** cause at the end im gonna pay like $39 total for the earphones i mean including the 29 i already paid for the first pair and the 10 bucks for S & H that i have to pay now.
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    When I called AppleCare today, the first person I spoke to sounded like he was in training and suggested that I use the self-service option. After I explained that the Apple In-Ear Headphones were a new product and not available for self-service, he put me on hold for awhile then transfered me around a few times before I got to "Steve" (glad to see he's back haha). Steve said that Apple couldn't replace the product because it was no longer for sale (as of this writing, it's still on the Apple Store site) and asked me to pick a comparable model for replacement. I chose this one since it had phone controls, a mic, and came in black to match my iPhone

    Steve said he had some paperwork to do regarding the replacement and would call me back. As promised, he called back after the order has been processed and gave me case # 123124475 for the replacement. They aren't requiring that I send the old headphones back and aren't charging me for shipping.

    Overall, I'm happy with the service I received. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if the product was in the system which would have led to a shorter call time.

    Can anyone confirm that these headphones were actually cancelled? Since the volume control doesn't work on all iPhones, I can see why they'd kill the product.
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