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Hello all, I am trying to view a PDF file I had sent to me in gmail. When I click on the attachment it downloads the file but when I try to view the PDF file all the pages are white. I did a search on viewing PDF files and some posts said you can read PDF files in your emails while others said you have to buy a 3rd party app, im not against buying one I just want to make sure im not doing anything wrong. Any help is appreciated.

PC, Windows XP
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    Not sure if there is something wrong with this particular PDF file, but I view PDF files sent as email attachments from within the received message on a regular basis. I exports estimates as a PDF file from an estimating software program that I use for my business so I can send an estimate as a PDF file to clients for viewing and printing.

    I use a POP account for business, which doesn't provide for saving sent messages on the server, so I always Bcc: myself with the email to my MobileMe email address so I receive the estimates sent as a PDF attachment with my iPhone. This allows me to view the PDF files with my iPhone when a client calls to talk about an estimate, and I have a server stored mailbox for these estimates that I transfer the received email to for faster reference.

    I've never had any problems viewing a received PDF file sent as an attachment by myself, or from others, so you don't need a 3rd party app for this.
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    That was what I thought this, I guess I will send myself another PDF file and see if its just something with this particular file. Thanks for the reply.
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    Some PDFs has security to stop them being copied, printed etc...

    Is it possible this file has this sort of protection?

    I'm not sure if the iPhone supports PDF security.
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    Yes gilesjuk you are right, the PDF File does have security and the iphone does not support that thanks for the replies.