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i lost my music on my computer but have all on my iphone. how can i copy from iphone to computer? sync wipes out the iphone so obviously don't want to do that. back-up to disc is only of computer not iphone. please help!

thank you in advance for you info...
  • DaVBMan Level 6 (9,265 points)
    The iPhone is not a backup storage device and the sync process isn't intended to work that way.

    However, if you turn off automatic sync in iTunes, then connect, you can right click your iPhone and tell it to transfer purchased content.

    It will take off ONLY those things you bought from iTunes. Anything else you got by other means it cannot prove you own thus won't take off.
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    How did you lose all music on your computer? Reformatting your hard drive due to a Windows virus, adware, or spyware? Or did your computer's hard drive crash?

    The sync process for iTunes content with an iPhone is a one way transfer process only - from the iTunes library on your computer to your iPhone.

    iTunes includes an option to transfer iTunes content that was purchased from the iTunes store from an iPod or iPhone, but this is for iTunes content that was purchased from the iTunes store only.

    If you reformatted your computer's hard drive or had to purchase a new hard drive, you need to re-authorize your computer with your iTunes account with iTunes first. With your iPhone connected and available in the iTunes source list, at the iTunes menu bar go to File and select Transfer Purchases From - the name of your iPhone.

    If the music on your iPhone was not purchased from the iTunes store, there are some 3rd party utilities that provide for this, but such utilities are not supported by Apple.

    Your iTunes library should be included with your computer's backup stored on an external drive or some other external media used for backup purposes only.
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    oh nothing as devious as a virus... just something very simple... and stupid! yes... you guessed it... i trashed the darn (really thinking other expletives but cannot write them on this forum ) folder on my computer!!!

    what are the 3rd party softwares you noted? thinking of my iphone as a storage device, how can i get the music from iphone to CDs or computer? suggestions? (be nice...)

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    "what are the 3rd party softwares you noted?"

    Use Google to search as these programs are not supported by Apple and you use at your risk.

    " thinking of my iphone as a storage device"

    Iphone is not a storage device (it does not support disk mode as ipod does). It is designed to sync with a computer.

    "how can i get the music from iphone to CDs or computer?"

    You cannot, with the exception of itunes purchased music ( as provided in a previous post).
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    OK... thank you all for your VERY quick responses. i appreciate it...