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The recent announcement of tv.com CBS's streaming of old TV shows (90210, Star Trek, MacGiver, etc.) for the iPhone got me thinking about how to connect the MBP to a TV.

I've found out that there's a $19 adapter (hmm... should look again at how long the cable is), which is peanuts for trying this, but I'm wondering how well it work.

Any comments? We have an old 20" JVC tube TV and a 20" Zenith LCD TV, neither high-def, neither digital, both take RCA composite cables, so I assume that's how I'll hook up the video/sound.

But, am I going to get audio/video glitches, poor streaming (ISP dependent no doubt), restarts, etc.? Or does it generally work OK?

Note: this is a duplicate post. It was pointed out that this was the better place to post this message!

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    It works good. although the sound still comes out of the computer but you will get a good picture.
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    Ah, thanks for pointing that out! That could be a bit disconcerting, having the sound come from tinny laptop speakers in one location and the picture elsewhere.

    Are there any work arounds? Any way of doing sound out, not just video out? For example, from the headphone jack to the TV's speaker?
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    to get the sound from ur laptop to ur TV you can use a 2.5mm sterio jack (like the ones found on headphones or the side of ur macbook pro) to phono (RCA) and connect this to the tv sound input (normally found near the rca input) or other amp kit you have. these wires are really cheap to get hold of a good one cn be got for sum £5

    hope this helps
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    That is a help, thanks! Sounds easy enough!
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    AstroMacMan wrote:
    But, am I going to get audio/video glitches, poor streaming (ISP dependent no doubt), restarts, etc.? Or does it generally work OK?

    There are two factors here. The speed of the computer, and the speed of the Internet. You already acknowledged that Internet speed is ISP dependent, and that's true.

    I have no problem watching standard definition even off of a slow DSL. However, frame rates are rather stuttery if I use my old G4 PowerBook. If I'm using my MacBook Pro, the experience is good enough that you forget you're watching the Internet (don't forget to click the Full Screen button).

    Things change if I click the HD button on the site. This seems to be bandwidth dependent. My home DSL can't keep up, and it stutters. If you want to watch in HD you should have a nice fast cable or fiber connection. The MacBook Pro should have no problem playing back HD streaming if the Internet can feed it fast enough.

    The TV connection part is not a problem. Even the old G4 can do it. Video is routed via DVI>HDMI to the TV, while audio is routed from the laptop into my stereo for nice sound.

    TV sites are very dependent on Flash and JavaScript, and are very aggressive about making sure you see the ads embedded in the shows. The more you use ad blockers etc. like Firefox's NoScript or AdBlock, the more chance a TV site will not work right.
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    Network, much appreciated your additional insights on this!

    Now, I've got to just order the darn thing and start viewing!