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We have a Time Capsule for our wireless network and use it to backup a MacBook Pro, which is working nicely; however, I also have a Windows Laptop that I'd like to backup to the Time Capsule as well. I tried to map a network drive, but couldn't locate the Time Capsule device. Any suggestions? Is there a simple way to backup my laptop wirelessly?

Dell inspiron 8600, Windows XP Pro
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    Via your Mac, open AirPort Utility and make sure under Disks you have File sharing enabled. Check the privileges for accessing the Disk and try again with the PC. Depending on your setup, you may be prompted for a password.
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    Ok, I checked on Airport Utilities and the box is checked for file sharing. What's next? I still do not see the Time Capsule on the network when I try to map a network drive on my Windows laptop.
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    I am also running a TC with Windows & had disabled AirPort Base Station Agent that is installed with AirPort Utility. This lead to the same problem of the TC not appearing.

    You might try installing this on the PC, and then check the "Automatically Discover AirPort Disk" & "show AirPort disks Icon in the System Tray".

    You should also be able to connect as a Guest or User through AirPort Base Station Agent....

    Good luck!!
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    I am having the same problem -- the Airport Disk Utility never shows my Time Capsule on my Windows PC though it shows just fine on my Mac. I was able to map a network drive using the IP address, though. It looks something like this:


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    Same issue here. I installed Bonjour and Airport Utility on the PC. I turned on sharing with Bonjour using my Apple computer then waiting a few minutes for the PC laptop to refresh and find the Time Capsule.
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    Also you need a Backup program for Win XP. One comes as an add-on from the Win XP disc or you can download it here:


    Then go to start, all programs, accessories, system tools then click on Backup and follow the wizard.