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I just got an iPod Touch today. I turned it on and it showed the connect to itunes screen so I plugged it in and figured it needed to be charged but after a while it showed the little power cord symbol inside the battery icon and I checked and this means its charged. So now I tried to open up itunes but it won't detect my ipod. I tried completely removing and reinstalling itunes (twice) but that didn't help. I've tried restoring my ipod touch several times but that didn't exactly help either. Once while I was trying to restore it itunes finally detected it and said the device needs to be restored but anytime I clicked the restore button on itunes and clicked update it it said "update server could not be contacted". I just restored it again manually and now I got it working again but it only shows the connect to itunes screen. Double-clicking the power button won't bring up the main menu and no matter what usb port I try itunes won't detect it.

Dell Dimension 1100, Windows XP