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I've been drooling over the Cinema displays but, to my horror, think my MBP from late 2007 is lacking a Mini DisplayPort. How can I tell?

If I don't have one, am I banned from LED glory??

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    Hi and welcome to Discussions,

    all MBPs but the late 2008/Early 2009 models do have a DVI port and unless Apple (or a third-party manufactuer) release a DVI-to-DisplayPort adaptor you and me and all others are left out of the LED ACDs.


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    awag wrote:
    Thanks. Wouldn't this adapter do the trick?

    http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=587728&Q=&is=REG&A=detail s

    Sadly only if the LED ACP features a DVI-port, which it doesn't.

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    After wasting 2+ hours searching for this answer in various places, I just have to ask a question. I have a Mac Pro purchased new on 08/08/07. Dual Core Intel Xenon, 2.66Ghz, standard NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT.

    1. Just to confirm, if I want to buy a new 24" Cinema Display that will work with my mid-2007 Mac Pro, I will have to wait for an adapter to be released? (I know that Apple would rather I buy a brand-new Mac Pro and the new display but that ain't going to happen any time soon.)

    2. Here's the big question then: I am considering buying a used M1082 23" Cinema Display, preferably from 2006-7. Will this display work with my machine.

    I can't bear to work on a non-Apple display any longer. It's not the form of the thing, it's the beauty of the display, so subtle and balanced, whereas all other monitors always tend to look over-saturated and too contrasty. And yet Apple consistently seems perfectly happy to thwart my desire to give them more money.

    Sorry if I've left out any pertinent technical info. I haven't posted in a tech forum in a while and I'm a bit rusty.

    Any info/help you could provided would be wildly appreciated.

    Thank you very much, Genya