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I've had my Iphone 7 months and it has worked great until yesterday. I can do EVERYTHING on my phone right now but make an outgoing call. It doesn't matter how I try, I get the message "call failed" and at the bottom of the screen the 2 boxes, call back (left) and cancel (right). When I hit call back the same message comes up at the top, "call failed". It doesn't matter if I use the keypad, dial from contacts, dial from favorites, dial a different phone number/different contact, I get the same "call failed" message. I've made no changes recently to the phone. It was working fine one minute and the next minute, this started happening. I've tried everything I've read on the web to do and nothing has worked. I've reset all settings, re-booted, pulled out the SIM card and "dusted" it, disabled call forwarding, checked and rechecked all settings, etc. and nothing will fix the problem. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!!!
  • paulcb Level 6 Level 6 (19,090 points)
    Did you reboot/reset like this... press the home and sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo, ignoring the slider. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.

    If you already did this type of reset, then try a restore. See the manual for more detail...
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    Something similar has happened to me. In my case I can only make outgoing calls as long as the headphones are plugged. No idea on how to fix it.
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    i have the same Problem. Everything worked great since i have the Phone (5-6 Month). 1 Day after the Update everything works great but i can't call out. I get the "call failed" message. All other functions works great 3G/Internet/SMS/WLan

    Restore / Reboot / Reset from the Network settings dont work. I hobe anybody find a solution or a work around.
  • Raleigh D. Level 3 Level 3 (715 points)

    Have you connected your iPhone to iTunes and checked for updates? There may be firmware updates from Apple, as well as carrier updates from AT&T.

    Backing Up, updating, and restoring your iPhone and iPod touch software

    Another good step to try, if possible, would be to test your SIM in another phone. If the same issue persists, you may want to contact AT&T for further troubleshooting. If not, then restoring your iPhone, setting it up as a new phone would be a good step to take.

    Other good troubleshooting steps to try:

    Hope this helps,

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    I am having the same problem. I've only had my phone for a week or two (a replacement, my original had dust behind the screen). I cannot make or receive any calls (less of an iPhone now, more of an iPod). However, I can still send and receive text messages. Whenever I try to make an outgoing call I lose all bars and it no longer displays the AT&T logo. Then after I stop trying to make a call the bars return. So far I have: restarted and reset the iPhone. I have not tried to restore the iPhone yet. I would appreciate any help anyone can offer.
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    I have tried all your steps. The sim works great, and the firmware is up to date. Nothing works.
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    An update: I took the SIM card out of my iPhone 3G, tried it in an older phone and everything works fine. I can make/receive calls. This tells me that the problem is with the iPhone and not AT&T. I also just tried the restore and that didn't help either.
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    Same problem. I've tried pretty much everything (reboot, airplane mode on->off, reset network settings, pop and re-insert SIM, complete restore etc.) to absolutely no effect. Data connection works fine, and receiving calls works.

    I also tried the suggestions here: blem-with-iphone

    but no luck. This just started happening over night. Worked fine yesterday, can't call out at all today. The support person I dealt with on line was clearly just reading through a list of things to try...

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    I hate to say it, and I hope for your sake that it's not the case, but its sounds like your as **** as I am.

    I tried every thing that has been mention here and then some and NOTHING worked!

    I eventually resigned Called O2 yesterday with a list of problems identicle to yours and they said (after many, many checks and helpfulness I can really put down to be honest) the hand set's broken take it into O2 and they'll repair/replace it for you. This didn't happen as when I went in to the point of sale; O2 in York, they said they couldn't touch it and the warrantee was void based on the colour of the Moisture Indicator dot (located at the bottom of the well of the headphone socket) which had changed to red inicating water damage.

    Has it been near water? Has it ****! Have I used it in light drizzle once or twice or blown down the jack socket possibly inadvertantly activating the moisture dot? Very possible, but if a device that cos me £400 can't put up with that then I think that comes under the catagory of "Unfit for purpose"!

    Now i'm having to claim on the insurance unless I find more sympathy from Apple when I contact them tomorrow. It looks very very doubful!

    I would advise looking down the headphone jack socket on your iPhone and if the dot in there is still white (e.g. visable) then you should have no problem having Apple/AT&T repairing it as part of your warantee. If not...your as ****** as I am I'm afraid. It *****. Hope that helped.

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    im user in malaysia..i put my sim card in n it show no service??anybody can help??
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    I have the exact same problem as you. I have had my iphone 3g for just under 2 months and it stopped letting me make outgoing calls on Sunday. Could this have anything to do with daylight savings time? I can receive calls and send and receive text messages and use the internet. *The only thing I cant do is make an outgoing call*. *Call ended, call failed* is the error I get. Does anyone have a solution for this? I have tried to do a factory restore which didn't help either. Please I need to get this working asap.

    Thanks in advance
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    I had the same problem; reset did not work. Went to Apple store and they did a restore which did not work. Solution was a new phone. By the way, even though the resore deletes all data, if you have backed up the phone in iTunes recently, I found that the restore on the new phone brought back everything except passwords. Very easy and impressive!
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    I took my newish 3G/16GB iPhone to Spain last Friday, when I arrived I was unable to make outgoing calls although it worked in all other respects. I assumed I had forgotten to enable calling when abroad when I purchased the phone. When I got back to the UK yesterday I discovered that this was not the case, but the phone simply would not allow me to make outbound calls. I tried all the suggestions described here, none of them worked, I then rang 02 in the UK, they told me the following which didn't work in my case but might for others: Settings->General->Network->disable 3G->Back to Network->scroll down to Reset->reset network->restart phone. When this failed to work, the technician went and spoke to her Manager who reported that "lots of people are having this problem at the moment, might be a problem with the network - but they are struggling to find out what" - they don't know when it will be fixed.

    Speaking to other friends with iPhones, they don't seem to be having these issues - so it's back to the shop for a replacement phone tomorrow.

    Can anyone corroborate this information?
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    Exactly the same problem here. iPhone 3g 16GB worked fine since December then all outgoing calls failed from yesterday. After lots of resets etc, O2 wanted the phone into a store for them to send to Apple for repair. Now I've no phone for 2 weeks, Apple quality a little suspect for me.
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