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Driving me nuts .

Relatively new to Mac. I purchased a Yamaha PSR-E213 keyboard, and a MIDI-USB cable from Best Buys. The cable is from Hosa Technologies, model USM-422 and is MIDI to USB 2.0.

Couldn't get garage band to recognize a MIDI device was connected at all for awhile, then finally realized I had to hook up the MIDI cable labeled "IN" to the "OUT" port on the keyboard. Duh. After that, Garage Band says it detects a MIDI device. I can create a new track, play on the keyboard, and get a note to sound in Garage band every so often. If I play about 8 notes in a row, spacing a few seconds between sounding each note, maybe 2 of those notes will garage band sound.

So, something is wrong.

The cable I purchased did not come with a CD containing any drivers. The Hosa catalog says it works with the Mac, but requires "CoreMIDI" whatever the heck that is. It smells like it's part of the OS that I probably already have.

I found under the Applications folder a "MIDI Utilities program". When I launch this, it shows a USB MIDI device, and I can open it up, but it's all read only. I can change the name, but the ports that are listed (1 for out, 1 for in) aren't editable. So I can't see that there are any settings I can change that might affect this problem.

The keyboard itself has only a couple of options related to MIDI. A local/on-off which doesn't do anything but control whether or not the internal speakers sound when keys are pressed, and an "InitSend" function that doesn't seem to do anything. So I don't appear to have any settings on the keyboard that I can tweak either.

Completely stumped. Anyone have any ideas?

mac book pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)