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Greetings Mac Community,

Need some help here. I am a new user to Mac and Leopard. I have successfully transfered folders containing many documents in .doc format created by office '97 to my Mac. I would like to save these documents or that is to say convert these many .doc documents into the .docx format to store and have on my Mac. How can I do this WITHOUT opening every single .doc document? Is there some action I can do that would automatically convert every one of these .doc documents in a folder to the .docx format? Could I use the automator here? And how? Does anyone have the command/script to do this? Where I could simply drag the folder to another folder and presto?

I do have one folder using the automator where any image I drag to it is converted to a JPEG image. Is it possible to drag a .doc file to a folder and have it convert to a .docx file?


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