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st_cletus Level 1 Level 1
My iPod is stuck on the Do not disconnect screen. It won't connect to the computer, shut off or reset. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

iMac G5 20" 1.8
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 8 Level 8
    Shut down the Mac. Then disconnect, even if the screen still says "Do not disconnect." If the iPod is still frozen with the screen ON and you cannot reset it using the two-button combo, leave it disconnected and ON until it runs out of power or otherwise shuts off by itself.

    Then recharge and try connecting to the Mac again.
  • Sugarpies Level 1 Level 1
    My iPod is stuck on "Do not disconnect" but only when it's connected to the computer. When I disconnect the iPod from the computer it appears normally. I've tried holding down the shift and control keys while attaching the iPod but it didn't work. Help!
  • Jeff Bryan Level 9 Level 9
    If you have your iPod set to transfer your music manually, then that “do not disconnect” message will continue to be displayed on your iPod until you manually eject it.

    You can do this by clicking on the little eject icon next to the iPod listing in the source window of iTunes, or right click on it and select “eject”. There is also an iPod 'eject' icon in the lower right hand corner of iTunes. Another way would be to use the “safely remove hardware” icon in the system tray next to the clock (looks like a grey rectangle with a green arrow above it). Click on this then select your iPod. Or through Windows, select start/my computer, right click on the iPod, select eject. With a Mac, drag the iPod into the trash.

    If you have your iPod set to automatically sync with iTunes version 7 or later, connect the iPod and when you see the summary screen, uncheck the box marked "enable disk use".

    If you are using an earlier version of iTunes, right click on the iPod in the source list, select options and uncheck the same box.

    In future your iPod should automatically disconnect after it’s finished transferring music.