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dktr Level 1 (5 points)
Hi there,

I've searched this matter many times before and only came to the conclusion I should post the question here.
Here it is, I would like to change the Apple menu icon (you know the one, top left of the screen!) to one I will custom make. How may I do this bearing in mind I'd like to avoid using third-party software ? Also, if I do custom make an icon, which dimension and format should it be, or does that even matter ?

Thanks a lot to all you wonderful people.

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  • Ian Bickerstaffe Level 6 (14,235 points)
    Hello Lewis,


    This has just cropped up in a conversation I had with another Mac user less than 10 minutes ago!

    I would very strongly advise against making any such changes. Changes like these can create untold problems. Steer well clear is my 2 penneth on the matter. Others may hold a different view.


  • dktr Level 1 (5 points)
    Thing is, it's probably just a little png or icns file somewhere that needs to be changed, as long as I don't move, delete or rename that file and just replace it by another the change should be transparent, not damaging anything just as the DefaultDesktop.jpg file to change the login background.

    Thanks for the quick answer,
  • Boyd Porter Level 3 (730 points)
    I have no evidence to support this, but I doubt it is as simple as a picture file. It is probably hard coded in to the system. There are folks here that use and recommend third party haxies to make such gui changes, but since I don't use them, I can't recommend one.

    Have a nice day.